Journalism that takes advantage of news or exaggerates the news too much. Usually yellow journalism is to attract readers. It means more than what it seems. The press was taking advantage of their job, and they were printing news that were not true and it hurt some people. Yellow Journalism put news into their heads, and it wasn't even true. Yellow journalism is a picture (usually a cartoon) that has a statement or is showing a picture that is odd but proves a point. Also it is used to make fun of other people, states, nations, countries, etc... Also it means In order to have alot of circulation, the the person who publishes these papers often show their position by using flamboyant and irresponsible approaches to news reporting that became known as "yellow journalism."



Yellow Journalism

This is a picture of little demons that have writing on their shirts and skin and bellies. They look scared but at the same time they look so evil.


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