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Why can't people work without a high school diploma?

For me I think people can't work without a diploma because the people want to give a job to someone that is smart and has finish school with a learning experience.I feel it';s unfare for the adults to not work in sudden places because of no diploma.Some people don't got a diploma because they didn't finish school for a reason. I understand it's fare in a way because noone wants a dum person working for them. For me in a way I think it's stupid and they should change and give people a chance that don't got a diploma. Maybe those people can help.Especialy the one that is desperate for a job to support there family.


I think that there shouldn't be any more Sweatshops. I think there should be machines that make our clothes and not some poor over worked people who are getting paid low wages.

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Work overtime but not paid overtime? People who work overtime should get paid more. The reason I say this is because they work overtime for they could get money to support themself and there family.

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I am reading Life After College : Sweated in the Office because it seems interesting. The purpose of this article was to tell you the working conditions for people back then when there were sweat shops. The big idea of this is how people had bad work benefits. I think this was wrong. Jobs paid so little and they sometimes worked overtime without getting paid for it. They were working so long for such low salaries. It's good to know that they got a higher salary and new contracts.

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