1. Set up your publishing tool.

  • Create an account at BubbleShare.comusing your school e-mail.
  • Comfirm your e-mail by logging in to the school website and opening a message from READ the e-mail, and find the long confirmation link. If the link is live (blue), click on it to activate your account. If the link is not blue, then copy it and paste in into the address box and press Enter.

2. Collect 3 images and upload them to a new BubbleShare album.

  • Use Google Earth to frame 3 specific places that represent ONE trip, ONE day, to ONE place where you would rather be now. (NOT your home, nor this school.)
  • Use SnagIt! to select a REGION of Google Earth, and save the image as a JPEG (*.jpg). Save each image to the pictures folder in your file on the network.
  • Upload these images to a new album in BubbbleShare.

3. Revise your "Three Places" document into ONE story about ONE journey to ONE place ONE day.

  • Copy text to Word and check grammar and spelling.
  • Paste back into Writely.
  • Be sure and your advisory teacher are collaborators of this text.

4. Add dialogue and audio to the images in BubbleShare.

  • Post your story in the Album.
  • Put dialogue bubbles on each image. (What did you hear in those places that day?)
  • Read and record your story, one picture at a time.

5. Copy the HTML given under the Share tab in BubbleShare, and copy it into a News Item on the Youth Voices Coast to Coast: NYC and Utah blog.

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