we should not have a pooh in the toilets but on our HEADS!!! Edit


We should not have any homework because it takes us away from a lot of things, like getting jobs and going to places with our family to buy new toilets from them overflowing . I think this because when we want to get a job, school is in the way because we have to do work or we have been doing too many bad poohs in school.

I know that that some teachers want us to get are things up like are school work and are grade up. If a kid doesn't want to go to after school just leave them because it gets them mad.

Like me, I have to go to after school every day like it get me mad because i want to get a job so badly but school is in the way. I know that some people feel the same way as me that why I'm writing this. Also, it gets me mad because some of the classes that i take, i don't need them, the class that i relly need is math because some of us need that help so much.

We should not have summer school Edit

I think this because if you don't do good in school why should you do all the things at summer school like you get a bad garde you need to take it in summer school. people have to go to places with they family we do need a life like the teacher they get to go to places and have fun but we kids have to stay in school.

IF we do go to summer school we should have it for not that long because we need a life like are family makes alot for us to go to places and then we found out that we have to do summer school so they get mad i know how it feels to do summer school because i been there and it get people so mad.

It get me mad because why do you have to go if you did mad at school for 7 month and do bad then we have to do good for 1 month in summer school that is so dumb.

We kids should not have alot of work Edit

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