You can print and use this sheet to help you take all of the notes you will need to complete the virus project.

Email User Key:

Email Address:

Email Password:

Name and Scientific Name of your virus:

Disease that your virus causes:

Helpful Websites:

Physical Description:

-what is your virus made of?

-what does your virus look like?

-how big is your virus?


Incidence (How many people does your virus affect?):

Incubation Period:

Mortality Rate:

What kind of host cell does the virus infect?

How does your virus "know" what kind of host cell to infect?

How does your virus reproduce (lytic cycle or lysogenic cycle)? How do you know?

Explain the cycle:

Modes of transmission (contact, vector-borne, airborne, a combination?):

Music, Movies, Books, Famous Outbreaks, etc:

Ideas for Pictures:

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