This is how your virus myspace project will be graded.

Name and Scientific Name __________/3

Disease caused by virus __________/2

Physical description (makeup, size, and description) __________/10

Symptoms __________/5

Incidence __________/5

Incubation Period __________/5

Mortality Rate __________/5

What kind of host cell does the virus infect? __________/5

How does virus "know" what kind of host cell? __________/10

How does virus reproduce (lytic / lysogenic)? __________/5

Explanation of cycle (lytic / lysogenic): __________/10

How is the virus transmitted? __________/10

Default Picture __________/5

2 Pictures with Captions __________/10

Creativity __________/10

Comments on Classmate Page __________/10

Extra Credit +__________

TOTAL __________/110


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