Vectors && Scalars

A vector is simply a measured quantity that has a direction and a magnitude, or size</DD></DT>

A scalar is a quantity that has a magnitude, or size, but no direction </DD></DT>

Examples of Vectors && ScalarsEdit

Scalar Example: Speed: Speed is a size but it does not have a determined direction, this is why it is considered a scalar.

Vector Example: Velocity
Velocity is considered a Vector. This is because there is some sort of change in distance in a given direction.
Velocity is shown by the equation:

V=Δx / Δt

Δ [delta] is the Greek letter for “the change in”
x is distance

and t is the change in time

The equation means that you take the change in distance and divide it by the change in time.

Drawing VectorsEdit

Vectors can be drawn by using arrows. The arrow is drawn according to direction and magnitude of the vector. These drawings are useful when one is doing addition of vectors, subtraction of vectors, or resolution of vectors.

Vector Addition Edit
Simple Vector Addition Edit

The addition of vectors occurs when 2 vectors are moving in the same direction. Vector Addition is simply calculating the net force of both of the vectors that are acting on an object.

The equation used for adding vectors is:

A + B = R

Let A && B represent the vector quantities Let R represent the resultant vector (the sum of the vectors)

Addition of Vectors At Right Angles Edit

These problems are very similar to the mathimatical theorem made by the Pythagoras.


Pythagorean Theorem( )


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Physics Made Made Easy

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