I Love using computers, because i can do so many things mainly surf the web, and use microsoft windows.

What Do I Do On My COmputerEdit

Young people likes to use computers because it's fun and you can do so many things online. Like play games, chat with your friends and using the email. I love to learn how to use different programs. So maybe in the future i can use them. The programs we all probably use or just know how to use are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, Flashwork, and other programs, because we learned how to use these programs in Technology class. Something I guess we all like to do a lot when we turn on the computer is go on the Internet. I go on the internet alot to check my mail,research things for school or just play games. Which we all probably do when we are online. Something else we all might use is the Microsft word to type up our work such as essays or just a book report or something. I use my computer to play games, read and school work. also do research on things that I may be interested in. Like for example if i heard about something my friend talked about, i might be really interested and want to learn more about it, so i would turn to my computer for some information. Computers is something that I know a lot about. But I'm learning all the time.

Learning About ComputersEdit

I've been working with computers ever since I was about seven years old. I learned on my own, I have had help in school and my uncle has helped me with computers. I find that computers help me understand things on computers itself and things that I may confused about. I feel that in some aspects of the computer I may know a little more than some people. For example, I know how to install a program and clean out a computer and reboot it. I also know what a megabyte is and a hard drive is. I also understand what an applet is and I can type 40 words per minute.

Teahing Others On ComputersEdit

I could teach other people about using computers and how to use a computer. I could show them what each program is and how to properly turn on and turn off their computer. I believe that the computer is an important tool to access and learn how to use because in the future everything will be based on computers and technology and people who don't know how to access a computer will be at an disadvantage somehow.

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