What jobs does the Church do?


Jobs the Pope perform are the power to excommunicate members of the faith,influencing kings dieciesions and ensure the Catholic Church didn't descend in chaos.


Jobs the Monks perform are work as historians, librians, keepers of important documents, Abbot, Almoner, Barber surgeon, Cantor, Cellarer, Infirmarian, Lector, Sacrist or Prior.


Jobs the Nuns perform are work as a Abbess, Almoner, Cellarer, Infirmarian, Sacrist or Prioress.

Where do they live?

Everyone who work in the Church live in houses depending on what they do in the Church; Nuns live in Nunneries, Monks live in Monasteries and Bishops and/or Priests live in houses more advanced then a peasents house but not as grand as the king's. Their living conditions were better then the peasents but not as grand as the king's, they had all the requiered nessentials to live a comfortable lifestyle but not as lush as the king.

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