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Name: Pope Eugene II

Elected Pope: 11th of May 824

Years of being Pope: 3 years

How did he die: unkown but it was probably natural causes


Some achievemnts Pope Eugene II has achieved are he gave citzens the choice to be judged by Roman Frankish or Lombard law, allowed laymen to particapate in papal elections, instituted seminaries, streamlined the advisory assembly which eventually became the Roman Curia, built a wall around the Colliseum but was taken down after his death, recalled and returned property to Roman nobles who had been banished and had fled to Frankland during the preceding reign and held an important council in Rome which issued a total of thirty eight disciplinary decrees with sixty two bishops. Some of the disciplinary decres created were ignorant bishops and priests were to be suspended till they had acquired the sufficient learning to perform their sacred duties and masters were to be attached to the episcopal palaces, cathedral churches and other places, to give instruction in sacred and polite literature, theese two decrees show that Eugene has a heart for the advance of learning. After his death he was buried in St Peters.

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