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Creativity and freedom was forms of power that took trindad to become a free country it is today. However, physical force from british prevented trinidad to become free for a long time. Arawaks which were the first people in trinidad used creativity as a form of power. Being Creative is power because it shows hoe you used your mind to do things. Using your imagination to make a reality. Arawak used their creativity to carve figures in human and animal shape to drive away evil sprits and ensure a good harvest. ( Carribean Connections, pg100) In the other hand British used physical force as a form of power to take control of trinidad.Trinidad_and_tobago_flag_300.png

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Physical Force is power because with physical force is using your hands and anger to get what you want. The british got indians to work for them by force willing them to take over trinidad for 150 years.(Trinidad & Tobago, pg445)Finally there is fighting for freedom. Its a form of power. It shows that you're a one you got your rights Resistance is power because it shows that you won't let anybody control you but yourself. Trinidad and tobago became independent in 1962 (Encyclopia, pg130).

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Creativity was a one form of power used by the natives. But there was also physical force which was used by the europeans and control of other. This showed that the europeans willing to use their hands and anger to get power. The british used their money and power to take over trinidad because they were less experience. Trinidad brung many countrys to their attention which made other countrys take over trinidad. That made the great deppresion appear, French, British, The spanish etc, all wanted to take over trinidad but all can't have it. So they battled out for it and the best country will win and it was british who won and ruled for 150 years. Resoning was never british speality. British got the indians to work for them by force, taking control over trinidad for 150 years. The spaniards set up a permanent settlement on the island

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Trinidad and tobago didn't have freedom for 150 years. They were always being ruled by leader after leader. Not after the people of trinidad got out of their shellsand fought back to the people who were taking over trinidad and with their skills of creativity they made their way to the top

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