Transverse and Longitudinal WavesEdit

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Transverse WavesEdit

Is a wave that contains a Crest, Through, and an Aplatude.Particles move up or down while the wave moves left to right thouse forming a 90 degree angle.

Longitudinal WavesEdit

Is a wave that contains a Comphression and rarefraction. The particle move parellel to the wave. The wave and the particles will never intersect.Think of them as one set of rail-road tracks.

Practice ProblemsEdit


Barron's Review Course Series, Let's Review: Physics The Physical Setting Regents Review Book. Transverse and Longitudinal Waves pg. 292-307

Longitudinal Wave

Transverse snake

Longitudinal Caterpillar

Sparknotes Waves

External LinksEdit

Transverse Waves This is a useful site because it shows through a video the different types of transverse waves. It is also hands on. Choose the amplitude and frequency.

Transverse And Longitudinal Waves This site shows moving diagrams of transverse and longitudinal waves.

Some more wave diagrams. write my essay

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