I enter the park
My friends are by my side
Kids are skateboarding
One guy falls on his back,
He curses at himself
But he gets right back up.
More of my friends
Are sitting at the benches
Talking among themselves,
Laughing at their own jokes.
I walk over to the benches
To join the conversation
I want to laugh too
Someone yells "Yo, you wanna play football"
Every guy starts to take off their shirt
To get ready for the game
I sit on the benches
With the girls
To watch the boys play
The park is big.
On the corner of 10 street and ave b.
There is two full court basketball courts a handball wall, work out play groung, and two half court basketball courts.
There is a place for dogs right next to the place with the basktball courts.
Then there is a play ground for the kids to play in. :Then on the corner of that block is 9 street and ave b. :That is another exit. The walking up to 9 street and ave b.
There is another park to play in. They have swings and a playground.
While the way up there is another park.
Then while going from 9th street and ave a to 10th street and ave a there is a yard of plants.
Then there is an opening to enter and leave the park. :Then there is more plants and then another opening to enter and leave the park.
Then there is a big park with skate boarders and football players and some good looking girls.
The park has 4 half court basketball courts.

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