It's a dark Firday night on New York's Lower East Side in the mid 1980s. Street light are dim. Building are abandoned. Lots are empty. Garbage, addicts, muggers abound. It's not the sort of place one would think of going to for a great night of fun.

On 2nd Street between Avenues C and D after a brisk walk east one would find a color grouping of people. Maybe a taxi or two too and large white building. This is The World. An old deteriorating Jewish Theatre converted into the most happening night spot at the time in New York City.

After the Disco Estacy Garage closed The World took over as the new place to be. On Friday's Detroit's Frankie Knuckles would spin a new genre of dance music simply called House Music. Soon, fueled by a Modaonna song, people would mount the stage at the World's main floor an d 'Vouge'.

The World had several levels. Downstairs there was a small lounge and high above the main floor there was a balcony that seemed ready to fall. There were also side rooms and a catcomb of smaller rooms that weaved up and down the building too.

Music would pulsate throughout the building. On most nights different music would be heard from room to room. Buit Frankie's stood out the most. On one occassion both the Beastie Boys and Bad Brains jammed together in the lounge with Frankie spun above them. yes it was often difficult to choose which room to be in.

These were different days. Days when the women of Salt'n Peppa and they gys of Run DMC could hang out and mix with the public. Guns and violence were never an issue. No one cared if they were dancing next to Cowboy Bill, aka Larry Fishborne. It was that loose.

I was there in what seems like a different life.

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