World Religions


Online Resources

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Each link below goes to a page (public, annotated bookmarks) where you willl find more links online texts about that religion. Please note that there are different types of sites linked on each page.

Links to Internet TextsEdit

Types of online resourcesEdit

Web sitesEdit

Web sites are traditional Internet resources that are usually trustworthy and predictable. It's recommended that these sources be supplemented with less mainstream blogs and wikis.


Blogs are very personal, sometimes lightly edited journals of opinion. Blogs are often provocative, unpredictable and original, but claims from a blog should be supported by evidence from other sources as well.


Wikipedia are wikis where anybody is invited to add and edit the content. The usefulness of the images and texts you find here depend on the quality of the work done by the contributors. It's a good idea to check the information you learn from a wiki in other sources.

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