A territory is a piece of land that is usually taken over by a government. A territory is land and water that are owned by someone, an animal or the government. When a territory is under the possession of a government it becomes dependent upon its owner. The government becomes responsible for every situation that happens in that area. A territory is a part of land that you will fight for to make it your own.


"In many territories, abolition did not mean immediate freedom. In some places years passed between the emancipation proclamation and the actual freeing of the slaves." - Adapted from: Michel-Rolph Trouillot, "The Haitian Revolution and its impact on the Americas," address to the third World Plantation Conference, Lafayette, Louisiana, in Oct. 27, 1989.

"The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory." Paul Fix

In the fall of 1899, MacArthur, who was still loyal to General Otis, said to reporter H. Irving Hannock:

When I first started in against these rebels, I believed that Aguinaldo’s troops represented only a faction. I did not like to believe that the whole population of Luzon—the native population that is—was opposed to us and our offers of aid and good government. But after having come this far, after having occupied several towns and cities in succession, and having been brought much into contact with both insurrects and amigos, I have been reluctantly compelled to believe that the Filipino masses are loyal to Aguinaldo and the government which he heads for territory



The soldiers are trying to take over a land.They are trying to take over the land so that they can make it there own so that they can use it and start putting in things from the U.S.A


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