After the night of being on 42nd street waiting for a cab I learned that taxicabs don't often stop for blacks and others that don't look white. sometimes I think about why don't they stop and its maybe because they think black people and others would arrive at their destinations and run out the cab. some people should have a boycott or strike on taxicabs to have a law that they should stop for black people.I couldn't believe this situation when I heard it on television or when a black person told me in person so I had to see for myself.

Shocked that a black girl was getting inEdit

When I was on 42nd street ready to go home from the movies by myself i decided to take a cab because I was too tired to take the train. So I went to a corner where most cabs stop and stuck out my hand and tried to fan a cab down. After having my hand out and almost 5 cabs passing with nobody inside I decided to put my hand down. I wondered Why aren't they stopping?, Are cab drivers racist? and is it because i am "BlACK". I looked across the street and saw this white lady trying to get a cab.She stuck her hand out and a cab came in a quickness. After seeing that different thoughts came to my mind such ass why do cabs only stop for white people in a quickness and now I should ask a white lady to stop a cab for me. I saw a white lady standing beside me and whispered," can you please catch a cab for me,i really want to go home". she looked at as if I was going to hurt if she said "No". the lady said Yes and stuck her hand out. after sticking her hand for only 5 seconds a came pulled up in front of us and I hopped in. as i hopped in the cab driver looked at me as if he was scared that I was going to run out without paying and shocked that a black girl was getting in because he thought he had stopped for a white lady.

I wishEdit

While being on 42nd street waiting for a cab I had wished that all cabs stopped for blacks and anybody besides a white person that look like they don't have money and that look like they are apart of gangs.

I'll speak upEdit

Next time, I am at least going to ask the taxi driver why cabs don't stop for blacks and can he do somthing to change the situation or speak up.

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