David, good stuff. The graphs really help. -Zak

Do the graphs always have to be direct linear graphs, or can they fluctuate? In other words, what do the graphs look like if a car is traveling in a circle around a specific point or something like that? -Taylor

Well Taylor, I'm glad you asked that. If it's a displacement graph, the line will be flat with a slope of 0 since the car isn't getting any further away from the given point. If it's traveling at a constant velocity around the point and it's a velocity vs time graph the line will also be flat since the velocity is not increasing. If its acceleration vs time then the line would also be flat because it's not accelerating. -David

your graphs show exactly what they are supposed to. they were very helpful and easy to understand. -jana banana

How often do motion graph questions show up on the regents?

There may be a few questions regarding something with a projectile motion and it's speed and you have to then identify its corresponding motion graph.

Great site Schmutzer. I think you should win a prize for it. It is very educational and the graphs help a lot. I will use your site for regents prep.-VLAAAAAAADOOOOO

Great job with the site. It's helped a bunch in my work for review! - Alvaro

Does displacement occur in a 3-D plane too? -Fernando Fiorentino

YEAH! A person in a plane has a displacement that we can compute due to his altitude.