You made a very exciting and wonderful page. It is really informative and the diagrams are top notch. Great Work.- Steven

What would happen momentum conservation if the canon is on a surface with a lot of friction? --Yuany 02:42, 12 June 2006 (UTC)

Energy would still be consevered but instead of the energy going to the speed of the cannon recoil but it will go to then heat created by the firction.

Great work, you really layed this stuff down simply in a way I could understand. - Alvaro

you are not trying to balance the entire equation but rather each individual side of the equation? --User:Serlina

right but in the end they need to be equal

your diagrams and equations are very helpful when trying to understand explosions. good job. Lindsey

It is really well designed explanation, Victor. The images are nice..!! -User:Eugenesuh