If anyone has any questions or comments about the Momentum: Collisions website, please feel free to post them here!!

Great page! It was so informative that it answered most of my questions about momentum. What are some real life instances where momentum can be used? ie creating cars and buildings? Sarah Poley

Does momentum hold true for everything...even on the subatomic level, or are there ways or tricks used by atoms to conserve momentum? For example, when 2 antiparticles collide, is momentum preserved? (Zach Schwam)

Actually, momentum still remains conserved, even on the subatomic level. To read more regarding your question in particular, I have attached a link to a site made by the University of Virginia: Introduction & Collision Kinematics

Excellent page. love the pictures. SOOOO extensive with nice and long explanations. Very extensive Alex

Hey Taylor, What are some real world examples where conservation of momentum is utilzed? Rafi.

All right, Rafi. Just picture this: two cars crash on a highway. By using the Laws of Momentum, the speed of both cars before the collision can be determined, with the proper tools and prior knowledge.

Wow, Great work! It's very thorough. Your detailed explanations of the practice problems are extremely helpful! Sarah K

good work, you have many equations which is well, you also have many topics so it is easy to get around! Lindsey