Does centrifugal force really exist ive never heard of it before? Magdalena

Hi Magda. Thank you for this question. No, Centrifugal force doesnt exist and we only pretend its existance to achieve equilibrium between the forces that act on a mass in a rotating reference frame.

Does reactive centrifugal force also not exist? Katherine.k The centrifugal force is just pretended to exist and we only think that we feel it when we are in a car that travels through a curve. But the truth is that when a car changes its path all the object that are not attached to the care follow its previous straight directiona and when they hit a car they just travel with it and therefore we feel that the force is acting on us and moves us away from the circle.

How strongly do we feel centrifugal force? David It depends on how much u weight and how fast are u moving and also how far from the centre of the circle you are. If you weight moe u will experience greater "force" and if u move faster the same thing happens. if u are far from the circle the force is bigger again

Wow this page was incredible, and nice work in including a picture of yourself! - Alvaro

Thanx alvaro..