Does Bernoulli's Principle apply to automobiles? - Jonathan

Actually, in many cases, one can see how Bernoulli's principle applied in the field of automobiles. Automboiles mostly lends itself to the concept of fluid dynamics, which is the discipline that lends itself to studying the flow of liquids and gases specifically in regards to their effect on the surfaces of various objects. In the case of automobiles, many scientists who study fluid dynamics in the scope of automobilies study the effect of the air flow that it has around the cars. By studying the airflow this decreases the amount of drag and resistance that the cars face and increase their capacity for motion. The reason that this applies to Bernoulli's principle is because of the fact that the formula derived from Bernoulli's principle was the first mathematical formula to delve into fluid flow, which is commonplace in today's automotive world.

Does Bernoulli's Principle have anything to do with what makes a boomerang come back to the thrower? -Robert Townley

As a matter of fact, Bernoulli's principle has everything to do with how a boomerang flies. As stated earlier, the reason that an airplane flies is because it is curved at the top and mostly flat at the bottom. When the plane is airborn, the unique shape of the wing creates lift, thus making the plane fly. Boomerangs work in the exact same manner with one side curved and the other side almost totally flat.

Great page, very imformative-- I liked the pics-- now understand the topic much better!! - (Zach Schwam)