Congo - colonization and current conflictEdit

NY Times article about Congo in 2008

Belgian colonization

Colonization in Congo

Belgian Congo

Belgian Congo

Belgian Congo

Congo Independence (scroll down)

Japan's response to imperialismEdit

Japan opens to the world

Meiji Restoration

Meiji Restoration

Meiji Restoration

Tokugawa to Meiji

Tokugawa period and Japan's isolation

Portrait of Commodore Matthew Perry

Americans arrive in Japan

Commodore Matthew Perry - Primary source document

Commodore Perry and the opening of Japan

Kenyan Independence and Jomo KenyattaEdit

[ Kenya===

Kenyan history

Kenya background

Jomo Kenyatta timeline

Mau Mau Rebellion

Mau Mau Rebellion

Mau Mau Uprising

2008 conflict in Kenya

Why do other tribes resent the Kikuyu?

Things Fall Apart ResearchEdit

Go to the "Things Fall Apart" link and click on the word "research on the left hand navigation bar.

If you are researching the question "Who is Chinua Achebe?" click on the link "author expertise."

If you are researching the question "Who are the Igbo?" click on "cultural expertise."

"Things Fall Apart" links

Igbo link

Igbo people

Igbo info

Chinua Achebe link

Chinua Achebe

The role of women in Ibo society

Women in pre-colonial Nigeria

Industrial RevolutionEdit

Overview of the Industrial Revolution

Life Before the Industrial Revolution

Life During the Industrial Revolution

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Working Conditions during the Industrial Revolution

Women and Children in the Industrial Revolution

Disease in the Industrial Revolution

Transportation During the Industrial Revolution

Check your understanding of the Industrial Revolution

Map ActivitiesEdit

Africa Map Game - countries

Africa Map Game - capital cities

Africa Map Puzzle

South Africa History and ApartheidEdit

Southern Africa

A Modern History of South Africa

Zulu British War

Good information and photos -- Apartheid

Good overview of Apartheid

Why study Apartheid?

Keeping people apart

Beginnings of Apartheid

Resistance to Apartheid

South Africa

Apartheid Timeline

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid -- Wikipedia

The history of Apartheid in South Africa

Apartheid -- Africana Encyclopedia

Nelson Mandela Museum

Nelson Mandela biography

Nelson Mandela Resources

Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Address, 1994

A short biography of Steven Biko

Steven Biko

More on Steven Biko

Quotes from Steven Biko

Resistance to Apartheid

Organizations resisting Apartheid

International Resistance to Apartheid

Soweto Uprising 1976

Sharpeville Massacre

Active Resistance to Apartheid -- ANC and PAC

Imperialism in AfricaEdit

African History Sourcebook (primary sources)

African Independence

After Independence

African Voices

Africa South of the Sahara

map of Africa 1914

Imperialism in Africa

Imperialism sources

More Imperialism sources

Imperialism map

History of Nigeria

Imperialism in Nigeria

Imperialism in Kenya

All-Africa People's Conference

Imperialism in India and Indian IndependenceEdit

Imperialism in India

British in India

Colonial India

Sepoy Rebellion

Imperialism in ChinaEdit

The Boxer Rebellion

General Imperiaism InformationEdit

Imperialism webquest

Imperialism Changes the World

Country InformationEdit

Home page for Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe

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