Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing is a marketing tool. Introduced by a marketing company or an organization to their prospects and clients about their contact, product details with info graphics and benefits etc. It helps to sell to generate revenue. It’s a single piece with a variation of Half Fold, Try Folds,  Z folds and Multi Folds with multi-product info. The brochure may have a variety of paper and sizes with single or more panels to maintain equal margins, balanced text, format, bleed, background color pattern and picture manipulation etc. Obviously, Brochure paper printing range starts from 170gsm to 350 gsm, thickness.  Attractive and eye-catching brochure size as per standard open size A5, 11.692"x8.268" (A4), 16.53"x11.692" (Fold to A4), 11.692"x24.75" and custom size. For protection and looks wise better can be made in another application such as Varnish. Lamination, UV and Die-Cut Shape brochure also.

Brochure Artwork Design :

A creative brochure strengthens your brand and leads your customer to the sale points The first part to make an Eye catchy brochure comes to graphic designer's challenge as well as layout, image, and manipulation of contents and what about product or services brochure is?  maybe impress content or graphics visualization to the reader. It leaves a great massive to your competitor. Now in a digital world, it is said "a picture is enough than 100 of words" no one has time to read entire contents, just want to see at a glance what features product contained in visual. While designing to keep in mind, brochure reader's age wants to see vibrant color or calm color. It is observed such new age group love to see vibrant color and old age want to see calm color. That's .would be better. Secondly size also a part of the brochure making comfortable to hold and read it. If there are multi-product brochure we must keep size smaller or multi-fold brochure easy and read it,

How to select the best quality of brochure printing paper?

While we are planning to make a best quality brochure printing we should think first of all about design we have made for it. If there are content and infographic with the solid background we should avoid texture and grained paper because during printing the depth of color reduce on to paper and finally result produce inferior quality. So avoid solid background on the textured result will be oriented. The design we have made multicolored, with a solid background suggested to selected fine art card, you can get as per according to your budget range from 170 gsm to 350 gsm matte or gloss finished.

Print Process :

Digital & Offset Printing: Usually, brochures are printed either digital or offset printing process, planning of printing is made on the basis of quantity, whether it is small or long run project. The digital process applied in the short run print and offset for long-run project print. Offset printing technologies work lithography technique. Any size of brochures can be print easily in this process wherever some boundary in digital process point view of v<a href="">arious</a> sizes of the brochure can be printed in this process. Offset printing is the best and fast printing option for a brochure.

Brochures are printed in CYMK format whereas CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pantone color (special color). In this process first of all data (text and image) transferred on to 4 separate CTP (computer to plate) particularly cyan, magenta, yellow, black thereafter transferred on rubber blanket, when paper pass between blanket and impression pressure roller then rubber blanket leave impression on paper and print finally comes out.

Post Press and Finish :

Basically, this process is done for making the safety of the product, color and lookswise make better. The aqueous coating, gloss lamination, matte lamination, UV coating, folding, die cut and are made. Matte lamination or gloss lamination depends on it who will see this brochure, done according..

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by Yolanda Bentances and Jennifer Davoli, Humanites Teachers, 10th Grade

While reading George Orwell's Animal Farm, the tenth graders at ESCHS worked with an artist to produce these collages to represent the role of power in their lives. The students created collages to represent four themes found in Animal Farm.


Click a thumbnail below to see a larger version of that image. You may also find an artist's statement there, and you can leave your response to the work of art by clicking on the discussion tab at the top of that image's page.

Student Artists:

Click on the thumbnail of your image to see a larger version. On that page, click the edit tab at the top, and write an artist's statement about your work of art. Describe your creative process and say something about what your were trying to say in this drawing. Use your the Art Reflection assignment that is in your Humanities portfolio.

Both perpetrators and bystanders can make revolutions unsuccessful. Edit


Luis and David






Kindell, Jonathan and Alexandra


Wilkins and Devon


Jenna and Jesse

In society, all individuals are not treated equally. Edit


Rashawn, Rosie and Jessica


Nasasha, Tyisha and Janderie


Jasmine and Franchesca




Carlos and Andrew








Rachel, Ishmael and Jason


Rachel, Samuel and Stephanie

People's ignorance contributes to their political and social oppression. Edit


Kristina, Viannie, Chakeyna and Chelynne




Diana and Emmanuel


Lisa and Shariff




Genesis and Crystal

Power corrupts those who possess it. Edit


David, Sean and Westley




John and Jeremiah


Alexis, Diamond and Jessica




Victor and Shi Xi


Eric and Jennifer




Jean, Edward and Mohammed




Alex and Anthony


Zilma and Erica


Asia and Toni


Derrik and Shaeieda