Imperialism and Resistance

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  • Student Walkouts 2006

War in Iraq

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Mainstream national magazineEdit


Use the links on this page to find out who this is, what he is doing, where he is, when this took place, and why it was newsworthy.

Click here to see a Time Magazine picture at this same event. Read the interview with Mayor Villaraigosa.

Local independent media and news articlesEdit

Left news showEdit


Imagine what these students are thinking. Why are they here? Find interviews with protesters and students in the links on this page.

Go to this page in Podzinger, scroll down and find the "Monday, March 27th 2006" episode of Democracy Now! Listen to the first 25 minutes.

Also, read the trancscipt linked here: (There are also other ways to listen to this segment of the program here.) Democracy Now! Monday, March 27th, 2006. Between 500,000 to 2 Million Take to the Streets of L.A. To Demonstrate Against Anti-Immigrant Bill

Conservative talk showEdit

Click here, scroll down to "Protests 3/27," and fast forward to about 0:15:00 - Listen to "Protests (3/27)" for about 18 minutes (0:15:00 - 0:33:30) on John Ziegler's talk radio show from Southern California.

Wikipedia articlesEdit


Get quotes for these (and other) cartoon bubbles. What might the mayor have been saying right here?

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