Why do teens need gym in school? In some high schools there is no gym. Teens need gym to exercise because they are in worse physical shape than they were twenty years ago. Teens need to exercise so they can stay healthy. Teens also need to exercise so they can stay strong. Some teens believe that gym is a waste of time and it’s boring. Yet, research shows that doing exercise can help stay strong and in shape and it won’t be a waste of time.

Twenty years ago teens were in better shape than the teens in the present. Teens watch too much T.V and don’t exercise. “A typical teen spends about thirty hours a week in front of the T.V, while eating high fat snacks.”

Thirty hours of watching T.V and high fat snacks is too much so teens get fat. Schools are not providing gym so teens are not getting exercise at home or at school. “Budget stressed schools are cutting back the number of physical education classes offered.”

Schools are not helping are not helping teens with their health problems so at home teens choose to sit and watch T.V.

Teens need to stay healthy for a lifetime therefore they need to exercise. Overweight teens usually have problems in their adult life. “ This is particularly appalling since overweight teens often grow into overweight adults, and overweight adults develop more heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis.”

Exercise is very important because overweight can lead to death. Teens that are no overweight live longer than overweight teens. “The New England Journal of Medicine reported that obese teenagers in the top 25 percent of their weight categories have twice the death rate in their70’s as men and women who are thin as teens.” Teens that are thin as teens and healthy will live longer because they exercise and stayed healthy. Teens need to workout so they can get strong. If teens exercise they will have more energy to keep exercising. “The more exercise you do, the more energy you’ll have for hours afterwards.”

Teens will keep exercising because they will see their body become stronger and gain more muscles. Exercise can lead to healthy and strengthened bodies. “Every time you workout your bodies develop strength and power.” Teens will loose weight and avoid being overweight when they exercise.

In conclusion teens that exercise will be healthier than teens that don’t. Twenty years ago teens were in better physical shape. To stay healthy teens need to exercise. To stay strong for a lifetime teens also need to exercise a couple of times a week. Some teens think that exercise is a waste of time. Yet, research shows that working out can help stay strong and in shape.

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