Small is good

A small school in New York City is kind of hard to picture right, don't be amaze though because all through out New York city schools are getting smaller, it's like a new trend. A school called East Side Communinty High School located at 420 East 12th Street New York NY 10009 run ed by a principle called Mark Federman is one of those small schools. It a wonder full community that not only has great students but its also safe.

At East Side Community High a student named Jimmy*was in the lunch room and decided to use the bathroom. The bathroom was located by another school and two kids from that school stopped him and stated saying names to him. He called for help and the security guard was right there and the children ran. Small school can provide a safer enviorment for students.

Beyond ESCHS

In the New York Times it said "Mayor Micheal R. Bloomberg's aggressive push to downsize high schools, which has made New York the leader in a national effort to create small schools

This little quote right here shows that the mayor is really agreeing with this way of how school should be and that it at least he has a effort to create small schools

This is a great new things that every school should have because it good for the safety of the student but not only that its great for kids to learn because teacher would pay more attention to them.

What's up with ESCHS

A student named Timmy* said "Small school is great for sports because I will get all the attention"

All these students and safe had so much great things to say about this school. But the most important thing that people should know is that there happy here and feel comfortable at all time. Those are really good felling to have

What's next for NYC schools What's next is that school should start getting smaller and smaller so that every kids would feel safe in school. Hopefully kids who get out of grade school can jump on to a school that is small and safe like ESCHS. If they do there parents would like it and especially the new kids that come here will like it to. Small schools can provide alot

  • Not the real name

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