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Shinto doesn’t have an official holy/scared book or text. But there are books that view very greatly, Kojiki, and Nihon-gi. They were written in the eighth century. It mostly contains the history, geography and he literature of Japan. Some Shinto sayings are:

Even the wishes of an ant reach to heaven ----Anon

To do good is to be pure. To commit evil Is to be impure ---Anon

Those who do not abandon mercy Will not be abandon by me ---Prophet of the kami Itsukshima

Place of Worship: Shinto shrines or Jinja. There is one in every city and town.

Major belifs and practicesEdit

1) Pray

2) Matsuri (festivals) since the year 794

  • Nora Yamayaki --- January
  • Kasuga Matsuri --- March
  • Kanda --- May
  • Gion Matsuri --- July
  • Nabuta Matsuri --- August
  • Chichibu Yo matasuri --- December

This is this a big shrine (place of worship) where the goddess Amateurs is placed at and all Shinto people are to go there at least once in there lifetime. This shrine is rebuild every year to make sure its in good shape.

3) Upon entering the shrine, Shinto practicers clap their hands to make their beings on the same level as the kami.

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Shinto Symbol: The Torii Gates; a gateway to Shinto shrines with a double beam overhead. It marks the entrance to the shrine space.

Another Shinto Symbol: A cosmic tree that connects heaven and earth. The pieces of paper on it indicate that humans can be in tune with that which rules the universe.


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Shinto has no founder it is view in a way which society has the same common values and attitudes.

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