Senior English -- Lyons Community SchoolEdit

Tools and Graphic Organizers Edit

Blank Cornell Note Taking Sheets -- make your own note sheets!

Grammar and Composition links Edit

Parts of Speech

Adverbs millions game

adverbs battleship game

Mad Libs - Parts of Speech game

MLA citation generator

Isabel Allende LinksEdit

[Brief biography of Isabel Allende]

[Isabel Allende's official site]

[Brief interview with Allende]

[Another interview with Allende]

[Article on Allende's life]

General U.S. History LinksEdit

Exploring U.S. History

Christopher Columbus linksEdit

Columbus note taking activity

Political map of the Caribbean

Columbus bio

More info on Columbus

Columbus Timeline

Native American LinksEdit

Conquistadors of North America

DeSoto's Conquest of America

Native American Resources

Conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers

The Homestead Act

The Dawes Act

Treaties that gave up Indian land

1924 Indian Citizenship Act

European Americans settle Indian land

Native American reservation system

Introduction to Native American culture

Edward S. Curtis - photographs

Native American EducationEdit

An Indian Boarding School - Photo Gallery

Native American Boarding Schools - lots of info!

American Indian Boarding Schools

Native American education -- Clarke Historical Library

Reservation Boarding Schools

Assimilation Through Education

Indian Boarding Schools

American Indian boarding schools - NPR

Reservation Schools today - NPR

Reservation Schools today

U.S. and Native American Schools - article

Changes in American Indian Education

The Indian Education Act of 1972

Colonial American and the Revolutionary WarEdit

Colonial America Timeline

Color map of the 13 Colonies before 1763

Colonial America Timeline

Timeline of American Colonies

Interactive map of the 13 colonies

Revolutionary War - History Central

American Revolution - turn down the volume!

Prelude to the American Revolution

Conflict and Revolution

An Unlikely Victory

Thomas JeffersonEdit

Thomas Jefferson - biography

Thomas Jefferson biography

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

Sally Hemings

Thomas Jefferson and slavery

Memoirs of Madison Hemings - son of Jefferson and Sally Hemings

Memoir of Israel Jefferson - slave

Jefferson's slaves

Jefferson's views on slavery

Jefferson's ideas on slave education

Jefferson's blood - an extensive website on Jefferson, Hemings and their descendents

Jefferson - quotes on education

[Jefferson's ideas on education

The Educational Theory of Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson's ideas on education

The Constitution and the Bill of RightsEdit

Comparing the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

Life Without the Bill of Rights activity

Bill of Rights activity

Equal Rights Amendment

Other 18th Century American PhilosophersEdit

Benjamin Franklin - biography

Noah Webster - biography

Noah Webster

Noah Webster

Horace Mann

Horace Mann bio

Early American Education and Horace Mann

Horace Mann on Education

History of American Education

Early American EducationEdit

Schools Then and Now comparison

African Free Schools - student biographies


Slavery Images

Slavery Image Gallery

Slavery and the Making of America Timeline

Slave Memories - click to listen

A Journey from Slavery to Freedom

Life in the New South (after 1877)Edit

Plessy v. ferguson reading

Civil WarEdit

Civil War website

Civil War Battles

Diaries, Letters and Memoirs of the Civil War

Civil War letters

Civil War letters and diaries

Images of Civil War letters

    • Civil War Photo Galleries

African Americans in Civil War

Military Life



Jim Crow Period and segregationEdit

Jim Crow interactive website

What was Jim Crow?

Jim Crow image gallery

Interactive activities on Jim Crow Period

Segregation images

Booker T. Washington and W.EB. DuBoisEdit

Washington and DuBois

Washington vs. DuBois

Harlem RenaissanceEdit

The Harlem Renaissance

Interactive map of Harlem

The Harlem Renaissance and Jim Crow

Art of the Harlem Renaissance

Art of the Harlem Renaissance

"Drop me off in Harlem"

Jacob Lawrence - artist

Jacob Lawrence site

William H. Johnson - artist

Duke Ellington - musician

Bessie Smith

Lena Horne

Langston Hughes - poet

Countee Cullen - poet

World War I and the Harlem Renaissance

Civil RightsEdit

Latino Civil Rights timeline

Civil Rights Timeline

Civil Rights project

Greensboro Sit In

Civil Rights Activists

Civil Rights profiles

Civil Rights Teaching

King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Civil Rights Movement resources

Primary Sources - Civil Rights Movement

School Desegregation and IntegrationEdit

School Resegregation 2009

Mendez v. Westminster blog - read "Ruling Gives Children Equal Rights"

Mendez v. Westminster video

Audio file on Mendez v. Westminster

Audio file on the 60th Anniversary of Mendez v. Westminster

How integrated are schools today?

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