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In the summer time some adults and mostly teenagers go gas scooter riding. Sometimes they modify their gas scooters so they could go faster.

Have fun, but be careful Edit

These machines can reach up to 40 to 45mph. Scooter riding is a hobby that anyone can learn . Usually people ride in the street or in the park. Remember to always have fun but with fun comes great responsibility. Experienced riders can even pop wheelies, and even do wheelies with only one foot. The only thing you should look out for are the cops, so be carefull. They might let you slide but you don't always want to take that chance.

Safety and precautions Edit



Riding gas scooter in the street can be dangerous even leathal and it is against the law. One thing is for sure is that you should be at least of 15 years of age and if not ride under adult super visions. You are only allowed to ride these motorized scooters in the park and with a helmet and at very precautious speeds. If you do ride gas scooters in the street you may be punished with a fine by the cops or other forms of authority, even though sometimes the cops dont pay attention and let you slide always be safe but remember to always have fun!

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