Not civilized; barbaric: Inhumane thinking and beliefs; people being regarded as primative, vicious, merciless and brutal. Lacking in polish and manners; rude also. People who can not control themselfes in public or behind doors. People who are not well tought.


I am sorry to say that I have those engaged with me in the service who are more savage than the savages themselves.

--Joseph Branta, a Mohawk leader and British military officer during the American Revolutionary War


250px-Benjamin west Death wolfe noble savage

This is an image of a Native American who has been portrayed as a "noble savage"


This image is of a European individual holding a dark skin slave by the back of his neck like he is a savage. Being that the European is much bigger then the dark skin slave makes no difference the dark skin slave is still the savage. Also the slave is being forced into the direction where Spain is supposed to be located, while a man; with the world as his head, watches on with an evil smirk.


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