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For the next few weeks, we will be studying the European Renaissance. You will use a variety of sources to learn about two aspects of the European Renaissance. You will develop a thesis about the topics you choose, write a research paper of 3 - 4 pages, and create a page of your sources (bibliography).

Renaissance background informationEdit

Part I) Read this Renaissance website and take good notes on each of the sections. This must be completed before you move on to the research paper in Part 2. NOTE: The work you do on this section will become the introduction to your research paper.

Renaissance research paperEdit

Part II) We will follow this webquest as a guideline. This is just a starting place. You will get a lot more information from the links in the next section.

Useful Renaissance linksEdit

/sln/Leonardo/LeonardosPerspective.html the technique of perspective]

Browse around on this Renaissance website for tons of ideas for your paper.

This is a link to many more links about lots of Renaissance topics.

Renaissance ArtistsEdit

This is a good site for information about some famous Renaissance artists

Learn about the Italian Renaissance artists.

More about Italian Renaissance Artists

Visit the Sistine Chapel online

Sistine Chapel Tour

Check out this Leondardo da Vinci website

Another Leonardo da Vinci website

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Scientific RevolutionEdit

This is a good site for information on the Scientific Revolution

Find out more about how Islam infuenced science and the Scientific Revolution

Lecture notes on the work of Copernicus and Galileo

Biography of Nicolaus Copernicus

Women of the RenaissanceEdit

(See Political Figures for links to Queen Elizabeth I)

LOADS of links to Famous women of the Renaissance

Another great list of links for women of the Renaissance

General information on women of the Renaissance

The life of Joan of Arc

Mary I of England -- a.k.a. "Bloody Mary'

Political FiguresEdit

Information on Queen Elizabeth I

Lots of details about the life of Queen Elizabeth I

The life of Henry VIII

Religious FiguresEdit

The life of Martin Luther

The life of Sir Thomas More

Renaissance WritersEdit

All you ever wanted to know about Niccolo Machiavelli

The Tupac Shakur - Machiavelli link

Medieval Europe projectEdit

Click on the links below for information on your research area.

General information on Life in the Middle Ages


Diagram of a Manor

Another general information link about the Middle Ages

Tons of Middle Ages links

Another cool website about Medieval Europe

Very cool site on Women in the Middle Ages

Good link about Medieval Castles

Lifestyles of Medieval Peasants

A guided tour of Medieval Europe

Good information on the Crusades

Black Plague link

Code of Chivalry for the knights


Link to information on four Medieval Muslim scientists

"How Islam kept us out of the dark Ages"

Muslim achievements in Math

Christianity in the Middle Ages

"Dark Ages" Research paperEdit

Information on Africa during the Middle Ages

Art of Medieval India

Medieval Islamic culture

Heian Period in Japan

Tang and Song Dynasties

Mayan Mathematics

More Mayan Math

The Empire of Ancient Ghana

Golden Age of Islam

Gupta Empire in India


West African Kimgdoms

African Empires

Golden Age of China Golden Age of China


More on the Aztecs


Mayan astronomy

Heian Japan

Art of the Heian period

More on the Heian period


Interactive map of the Roman Empire

Europe Geography map games

Map of Europe in the Fifteenth Century

Online interactive map game

Other resourcesEdit

Life in the Roman Empire is a great way to search the web and to keep track of where you go.

How do I cite onlline sources from the world wide web my bibliography? Click here to find out how.

What is Humanism?

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