7th Grade ElectiveEdit

Essential Question: What systems will help me organising my own work?

Areas of Interaction: Homo Faber and Approaches to Learning

Brief Overview: In this unit, you will learn the protocols for using BSGE computers, the local area network (LAN), and the Internet. You will learn the basic related parts of a system—input | process | output | feedback—and apply that model to your understanding of the personal computer. You will view the LAN, and the Internet as systems of connectivity (networks). You will work in small groups to collaborate using an online word-processing tool (Writely) and contribute your knowledge and understanding to this wiki. The keyboard is an input device in the computer system. You will take a typing test to establish your level of speed and accuracy and learn to use Typing Master® our web-based tool for self-paced learning of touch-typing methods.

Culminating Activity: You will publish your understanding in this wiki.

  1. protocols for using BSGE laptops
  2. navigating the LAN
  3. Safety on the Internet
  4. systems