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The Puerto Ricans have been trying to seek for independence for a long time. The Puerto Ricans struggled and still have not got to where they want to be, but they are somewhere: they have political organization. They struggled in a number of different ways against Spain and the United States.

19th Century Edit

The political movement for the Puerto Rican independence started in the mid 19th Century between 1801 to the 1900’s. The Puerto Ricans had many fights to find independence for the Puerto Rican people. In 1868 Grito De Lares took place, which was taken over by the revolutionaries. The Grito De Lares was now changed to the Republic of Puerto Rico.

1950's Edit

The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party attempted to gain independence in the 1950’s. The Nationalist leaders Jose de Diego was a well-known intellectual and legislator. Pedro Albizu Campos was an influential revolutionary as the co-founder of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party. The Nationalist Party used violence to try to get their independence. Puerto Rico allowed to have a constitution which came along in 1952.

Present Edit

Independentistas are still seeking freedom through the electoral and diplomatic processes. They created a new party called the Puerto Rican Independence Party. They can’t gain freedom because they do not have enough support to become a majority party.

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