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What you will see on this page are some properties of magnets. There are some basic properties of magnets that are very… well they are basic. You’ll probably know them already and we don’t need to explain them to you very much. There are also many properties that need further explanation and we will discuss on this page. First of all, magnets can be very closely linked to electricity.

Magnets have north and south poles that attract to each other, such as how electrically charged objects can have a positive or negative charge that attract each other. They also are similar in how the same poles and same charges will repel each other. One thing that electrically charged objects and magnets differ in is that electrically charged objects can have single charges, but magnets do not have single poles. All magnets have a north and south pole, even if you cut them in half over and over again:

Field mapping for magnetic fields is similar to field mapping for electrical fields. Similar to how electric fields start at a positive charge, the magnetic field starts at the north pole, and ends at the south (with an exception which will be explained later). Field lines will never intersect and a strong field is when the lines are close together and a weak field will be when the lines are far apart. One special characteristic of magnetic field mapping is that field lines must remain closed loops. That means a field line will go through a magnet itself:


From the diagram here, you can see that there are field lines that are actually going from the south pole towards the north pole within the magnet.

Electromagnets and Motors

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