Jay Nieves

Guilt Edit

This is all my fault all because of my insecurity. If it wasn't for my pride and the experiences that I had in the past, then things might have turned out different. What a fool I am coming to be all because it started with a friend of mine. I haven’t talked to her, she told me that she hated to be ignored on purpose, but I had no choice.

Struggles Edit

I would have said something to her, but my pride was holding me back. When I would come face to face to her, I wouldn't have anything to say. Day after day my pride begins to cloud up my mind. Suddenly it hit me hard in my heart, that the way I was acting was uncalled for. Deep down I felt that I didn't deserve to be in her presence, I didn’t deserve to be her friend because I felt unworthy.

The Answer Edit

Back then I said to myself “If I could reconsider every ignorant thing that I done then I would.” So I forced myself to gain the courage that I needed to conversate with her and make things all better again. To this very day, I realized that I was ignorant to put myself through all that stress. I thank God for giving her and me a second chance to be friends again.

Conclusion Edit

In conclusion I feel that you should always love your friends and have their back. Show them that you care and that you wouldn't ever mean to hurt them or ignore them if some had happened in the past.

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