1. Create Content

Record your podcast using an MP3 recorder or directly on your computer using Audacity.

2. Make an MP3

After editing your file in Audacity, export it as an MP3. Be careful to type all of the ID3 Tag information correctly before you export.

3. Upload MP3 to a Server on the Internet

Most files (if they are less than 10 MB) should be uploaded the filer on your blog. Anything bigger than 10 MB should be uploaded to another server or to

4. Copy URL/address of MP3

Once it is online, copy the URL (the address) of the file. You will paste this address into the Enclosure box after you go to Create a News Item on the blog.

5. Create a Blog Post with an Enclosure

Create a News Item on your blog. In the Enclosure box paste the URL (the address) of the MP3 that you have uploaded. Copy or write text in the description box. Give it a title, and click Create News Item, then Release.

More: Students who are posting to their own or to their class blog who also want to post to Youth Voices should do steps 5 again at Youth Voices Coast to Coast: New York City and Utah.

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