I see a deserted street with a broken tree on the sidewalk. Parked cars near apartment buliding's and houses. I turn to the left on that block and I see some houses but one of them sticks out to me. I don't know what it is but it just does. There's a car in the driveway. I don't go in the main entrance, I go to the basement, where everyone I love is. There is only gray with graffiti on the walls. I go down the stairs and see that the front door is open. I hear spoons. I can smell the curry chicken cooking. Then I see a little girl standing by the door. She just finished taking a shower. The front door is opened and it's about 30 degrees outside. She shivering. But not as much as she was shivering the say her father died. As time passes by, one hour, two hour, three hour. Mikey and Buck, and Avo come in. Buck and Avo are my brother-in-laws brother. And Mikey is Buck's best friend. "wassup Buck?" I said "sup?" " Hi, Mikey" I said I give Avo a big hug because he is so adorable. My 12 year old little baby. Lol

Deserted street with a broken tree
Lying on the side walk
Cold and alone
I turned the block
So many houses
But only one of them sticks out
A grey staircase all the way in the back
Graffiti on the wall
Opening the door
I see an 8 year old girl
Coming out of the shower
Turning around
Seeing that the front door is open
I close it
Her dad and mom are there
But now all we will see is her mom
Not dad
Her brother's
Come in
We say Hi
We say Bye
But not today
We say Hi
But I don't say bye
I hope to see them
Once again
If not tomorrow
Then the next

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