"Turn a few pages in this journal and you'll find a typical pharmaceutical advertisement. On the front side, you'll see a full-color glossy of eye-catching artwork and a marketing slogan or two extolling the benefits of the drug. On the back side, printed in plain black and white in a font so small that it poses a challenge for even pre-presbyopia eyes, you'll find the fact sheet about the drug. Listed here are known or suspected side effects, contraindications, precautions (especially during pregnancy), adverse reactions, known drug-drug interactions, and perhaps instructions on how to treat an overdose."

"You can't blame pharmaceutical companies for highlighting the positive aspects of their products. And after all, you're probably most interested in the potential benefit of a particular drug for your patient."

Bryan P. Bergeron MD,"The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution, Vol. 108, No. 3 September 1, 2000, Postgraduate Medicine

It's not good that these big companies put out drugs that cause more harm then does good. And they know that the customer is not going to really care about the effect because they think that since they put it out and its aproved it cant be that bad.

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