Smoking panda

Imagine a friend asking you to do something that you do not want to do but he makes it sounds cool.

9th grader Michael Sue convinced a 7th grader called John Field to smoke with him outside of the school during lunch time. His reason was because it makes them look cool and much older.

Peer Pressure is a tool used by teens. Students walk towards other students and try to make them do something against there will.

Kids, showing off Edit

An article in Wikipedia (February 28, 2006), "Peer Pressure," states, "Simply put, peer pressure in this context implies that kids can do something they don't really want to do because they think it will make them "cool" among their group of friends, and help them fitting in.

In "Peer Pressure", an article in The Daily News, Darren maintains, "These kids would try to show off around their other friends, and they'd pick on me and other kids for no reason"

An article in Parents Association (February 9, 2006), "A Guide to Youth Smoking Prevention Policies and Programs," states, "They believe -- wrongly -- that tobacco will help reduce their stress and make them look "cool" instead of insecure.

Dude, Come On... Edit

When asked whether he has experience peer pressure before, student Matthew Long replied "During the 5th grade, two of my best friends tried to get me to smoke with them. They were saying "Dude come on it makes you look much cooler and a hell of a lot older."

East Side 9th Grader, Isaac Alexander, stated, "I think that people shouldn't try to make a friend do what they don’t want to, like smoking, or going on the rails."

Earl Vasquez, another ESCHS student, noted that "some students at East Side skip school just to smoke cigarettes together."

Say No Edit

In the 1996 survey done by, students have been peer pressured for more then 6 times. In this survey students strongly agree that being forced to improve their grades. Students mentioned that their parents becoming more strict they were able to do more."

"I think peer pressure can't be stopped, not just yet," argued Anthony Reyes, a 9th grade student at East Side.

"Can we trust these results? I don't think these results are reliable since they agreed being pushed on by students helped them."

But for other students it may be different. "I have gotten pushed on by friends and family. They ask me to drink, steal, join gangs, and fight but I say no most of the time." David said.

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