I always thought that my parents would be happy for each other and for my brother, sister and me. Everyday they would do their routine, go to work, spend time with my siblings and me and care about each other. When I’m not sure about something I ask my parents for help because they would help me to do the right thing so I can become a better person in life. Once I was getting older I realize that we were having problems at home. Now I felt something was wrong.

I was sleeping. It was seven A.M. the sky was getting ready to change to daytime. I hear my parents arguing. I hear loud and disrespectful words coming out of their mouth. I went to their room and said, “What happened?”My mother goes to my room with anger on her face and gets my baseball bat. She swings at my stepfather and she misses. My stepfather crabs with all his strength and says, “let go.” My stepfather took the bat away from her, and then I saw the bat on the floor and I hide it behind my bed. Then my mother ripped off his gold chain and that’s when he hit her in the head. When I seen that I grab my stepfather and push him away and separate the fight. At that moment I felt like I was about to die because I never seen a parents go crazy and I couldn’t believe this was happening.

After that I happened my mother went outside with tear on her face. I gave her jacket. I told my stepfather “What’s that HELL wrong with you?” and I also said “calm down.” I saw my siblings crying. I took them to their room and I told them “It’s okay. Everything will be alright.” About five minutes later the cops took my stepfather to jail for a day. The cops asked me question about what happened. I told them what I seen and what I did. Finally a whole month past my parents went to court and told the judge that they made up and want the best for the family. My family and I had a talk about what happened and what we learn from our mistakes. Now my family is back to normal.

In the future when I see someone I love I going to try to tell them to sit down, have a talk about what’s their problem about and don’t get out of hand because they will pay for their consequences.

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