mad at dad Edit

I always thought I wouldn’t get embarrass by one of my parents. The day my dad yell at me wanted to yell back at him and tell him “WHY YOU YELLING AT ME IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE “! I felt like not talking to him anymore but I had to because you can’t stay mad at your dad. Looking back at that day I felt like I should have never made front of those kids because I wouldn’t want them to do it to me.

trying to fit in Edit

This one time I was trying to act cool with my friends and one them told me to do something to these two kids so I did. What I did was call them ugly because they had funny shape faces. Then they ran crying to their aunt to tell her what I did to them. She then told my dad what I did. I thought to myself I should have never done that because now I’m going to get in trouble. I thought my dad was going to pull me to the side to yell or talk to me but he didn’t. He started yelling saying “WHY YOU MAKING FUN OF THOSE KIDS “! “WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT DOING STUPID THINGS “! “WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT BEING A FOLLOWER “! In front of all my friends, I was so embarrass I started to cry. After that I ran up stairs because I was to embarrass to stay outside.

teaching me a lesson Edit

I got embarrass by my dad in front of my friends. He left me there crying because of embarrassment without looking back. He probably felt like he taught me better than that, that is why he yell at me and didn’t feel bad about embarrassing me.

learn lessonEdit

Next time I am going to think twice before I do something dumb. I am going to do what my parents all ways say “don’t be a follower be a leader “meaning don’t do what people tell you to, do what you feel like doing.

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