The PSATs, Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Tests, as well as the SATs, are very important. Those students who plan on going to college should consider taking prep classes. They are extremely helpful.

What Is It? Edit

A PSAT/SAT Prep class is a program created to help kids, like us, to prepare for the PSAT and/or SAT tests. There are two parts: reading and math. These classes are small and usually consists of 4-16 students. The teachers work hard to provide the students the knowledge they need to ace the tests that they will eventually have to take to go on to college. Sometimes you have to pay to take one of these classes and sometimes, they're free.

Benefits Edit

They can help you to pass the tests needed to go on to college. It helps you do better in your real school because you've learned some extra stuff. In addition, you get to meet people and friendship could develop. IF U READ THIS UR GAY!!!!!!!!!!

Better Things To Do Edit

Why go to one of these stupid classes when you can go out and do better things? I seriously don't know. You can go outside and hang out with your friends or go to one of these classes and be bored out of your mind. At home, you can finish your homework and then watch some television or play video games, or you can do some more extra homework.

What Some People Think Edit

Some students take these Prep classes because they need extra help or simply because their parents make them. It isn't as bad as people make them seem. Although, students do find it a bit irratating sometimes, because they might have to walk or take the bus there every Saturday and stay for 5 hours. They also have to sacrafice a weekend which many kids cherish because it's a break from school.

Yeah, but... Edit

It sucks, yeah. The teachers talk all day non-stop and you have to work which is B-O-R-I-N-G! Luckily, in many cases, there are some class clowns with a good sense of humor to create a few laughs here and there. That includes teachers too because some of them are just hilarious. So don't let these classes bring you down, make the best of it.

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