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"We have not come to make war upon the people of a country that for centuries has been oppressed, but, on the contrary, to bring you protection, not only to yourselves but to your property, to promote your prosperity, and to bestow upon you the immunities and blessings of the liberal institutions of our government. It is not our purpose to interfere with any existing laws and customs that are wholesome and beneficial to your people as long as they conform to the rules of military administration, or order and justice. This is not a war of devastation, but one to give to all within the control of its military and naval forces the advantages and blessings of enlightened civilization." -General Miles Proclamation (1898)

"There can be no realy pervasive system of oppression... without the consent of the oppressed." -Florynce R. Kennedy.


481px-Nelson Appleton Miles

General Nelson A. Miles Born August 8, 1839, Westminster, Massachusetts, USA, Died May 15, 1925

General Nelson A. Miles led the Puerto Rican Invasion in 1898. General A. Miles recited his Proclamation to take control over Puerto Rico. He died at the age of 85.


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