I Miss You 

I see is the trees rite aid A checking and handleing also A rainbows they i see a couple of parks I see buildings and then you go up Also then you seethe building to me it Look like gold then i look up call him And i hear his sweet voice and then i Said babe come im here he raceed down the Stairs i ran to him kissed him made out With him until i was hot then i started To walk we walked up the stairs and he smaks Me and we keep walking all the way to the Fifth floor and then we madeout again Then we went in i said hi to his mother and to his Stepfather and his little brother and then We whnet to his room and listen to music And layed on his bed i really missed Ever cince that day that was the Last time i seened his face on his bed We made out and he touched me on my Chest but he left me after that Because he wanted to be with another Girl that would give him everything He wanted when ever he wanted i miss him i was with him scince

  february/ 5/2004 12:45 am until february/3/06/4:24 pm--Carmenh 18:35, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

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