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Immigration ProjectEdit

Write second poem about a placeEdit

Neighborhood Portraits

  • Please Log in and go to your user page.
  • Type a NYC location on your home page
  • Type two brackets around that place, [[Tompkins Square Park, for example]]and save the page.
  • Click the red link to an edit page where you can write.

Address Writing Edit

In the following exercise, I'm going to ask you a series of questions and make several suggestions of ideas for writing. Often, in response to these guidelines, people write in lines rather than sentences and paragraphs, a poem rather than a narrative. As we go through this process, in response to each set of directions or questions, you might want to write only a phrase or a single word on a line.

If your writing is moving along and you don't need the questions I'm asking, try to ignore my voice and stay on your own path. The prompts are meant to help you when you need a new idea, but you don't have to answer them.

I will read the following guidelines for composing (Perl):

  • For your title, write an address — somewhere you have lived in the past, where you have worked, gone to school, visited, or vacationed. Please DO NOT choose where you live or work now.
You may know this address very well, or only slightly — perhaps you've been there only once. Remember that an address might be a room number (like this one we're in now) or the name of a city (Athens, Greece). Write the address as specifically and completely as you can. (For example: 729 Memorial Avenue, Grove City , PA)
An address is probably coming to mind right now, whether you can explain the reason or not. Don't worry. You won't have to defend your choice. Just take a chance — write the address at the top of your sheet. If you feel uncertain about the choice, remember that you can repeat the exercise at a later time with another address. For now just choose an address as a heading for the work; choose it for the sake of the exercise.
  • "Look" at the place in your mind. What do you see there? Go closer towards it. Do you have to turn to go inside? Which way do you turn, right or left? Keep moving towards it. What do you see now?
  • Is there a color to this scene? Are there many colors?
  • What do you hear? Do you hear music?
  • Who's there? Is anyone there? Does someone speak? What is said?
  • Is there food? Can you smell it? Is someone cooking?
  • Does anyone else come in? Is there talk? Record the talk as well as you can.
  • Write for a few more minutes on anything you've already thought of, or a new image.

Some questions worth askingEdit

  • What is the purpose of a user page or home page?
  • Why describe myself?
  • For whom?
  • How much should I reveal? How much should I keep to myself?

What wiki skills do we know now that we didn't before we started this project?Edit