The NYCWP is a lead site in the National Writing Project's Tech Initiative. We are running these First Saturdays where 20 of us come together to learn about blogs in order to move our local site and our classrooms into the 21st Century. As the director of the NYCWP I realize the potential of blogs for the site and for classrooms but as a novice blogger who hasn't a great deal of time to play and to read blogs, I am confused. I keep running up against my own computer illiteracy and it is truly frustrating. Being placed in the position of learner is always interesting and informative. It puts you in the position of looking at your own learning style and then connecting to what students go through as they attempt to learn how to write almost anything. Sometimes during the class I hit overload but instead of freaking out, which I did in the first few sessions I now take some deep breathes and ask some questions. If I don't get it now I know that I will eventually at my own time and pace. I have decided to listen, work slowly and try to get the big picture. Will I ever be a blogger? Maybe!