Integrating technology into museum study was the focus of a workshop at the American Museum of Natural History on Friday, March 18, 2005. It was led by Maritza McDonald [1] and Jennifer Adams [2] Region 9 ITIS teachers participated, and brainstormed a list of what they had learned at the end of the day.

What new content? Edit

  1. Hall of Biodiversity, AMNH
    • logging roads & access cause environemntal problems
    • mangroves and change in chemical composition
  2. Use of Models
  3. Re-introduction of elephants
  4. New technology brought new perceptions of self and world
  5. Technology taking away things
  6. Reciprocity
    • homes
    • family

What new techonology? Edit

  1. The relation of technology to the environment
  2. Research (technology used to assess a problem)
  3. Communication - Sharing of ideas (e-mail, blogs...)
  4. Computer models that scientists use
  5. Satellite technology, real world example of technology (Elephant) turtles

How would your apply? March - May Edit

  1. Debate
  2. Biographies/Memoirs
  3. Films/Journals
  4. Studies of housing in relation to family
  5. Model making
  6. Research/Collecting objects and information
  7. Field trips (prepration)
  8. Making museum exhibits

How would you apply? Edit

  1. Trip planning
  2. Hall of Asian people - Manhattan project
  3. Hermit crabs & Humans (Human Impact)
  4. Pre-colonial vs. post-colonial: How did people change?
  5. Exploration (history & future) (Asis Halls)
  6. Timelines & predictions of techonology
  7. Mini-museums

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