The skate park of Mullaly Park is teaming with skateboarders, BMX bikers, and in-line skaters. They go up and down the ramps at lighting speeds past the Snapple billboards that have been afixed to the sides of the ramps. As I slowy walk past the skatepark I approach an Olympic size swimming pool. It looks like there are over a hundred kids gettiing in and out of the water. I wonder to myself which is the deep end.(I can't swim.) The water looks cool, blue, and refreshing. In stark contrast to the swimming pool, the basketball court is overflowing with sweaty and hot Kobe Bryant look alikes. Despite the heat of the sun, no shade, and an Olympic size swimming pool directly across from the court, they continue to play for the love of the game. I reminded of my thirst after watching a basketball game. I look for a vender, but I don't see one. I'm surprised. Maybe it's because I'm in the Bronx. Wait. . It's the bell of a wagon selling Italian ice from a Mexican. "I'll have a small cherry, please." As usual, I got a brain freeze shortly after I started devouring the ice.

Mullaly Park
Skateboarders, BMX bikers, and in-line skaters approach an Olympic size pool
A hundred kids
The water looks cool, blue, and refreshing
Despite the heat of the sun, and no shade
The basketball court is overflowing for the love of the game
I'm in the Bronx
What's that sound?
A Mexican selling Italian ice
Brain Freeze

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