Is an American policy, which is opposing interference in the Western Hemisphere from outside powers. The Principle of American forigen spoke.On Dec.2,1823 President James Monore spoke at congress and said that they want to end European intervention in the Americans, but it was also extended to U.S. imperialism in the Western Hemisphere.


"... dangerous to our peace and safety."

President James Monroe, in his Annual Message to Congress on December 2, 1823, describing European involvement in the politics of the Americas. He was warning Europe to stay out of our business, and that of the rest of "our" hemisphere.

"América para los Americanos" ("America for the Americans")

A phrase full of irony, heard throughout Latin America, expressing how the hemisphere should be for all of its inhabitants, not just for those of the United States.



This picture shows how much territory the United States gained between 1798 and 1898.This picture shows Monroe Doctrine because the U.S. wanted to stop Euopean intervention and also extend the U.S. imperialism.


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